Welcome to Lightning Smart

Welcome to Lightning

We’re on a mission to make top-quality business coaching accessible to leaders, and aspiring leaders, everywhere.
We do that by delivering a leadership learning journey that really works.

How you'll learn with us

We learn best when we do something regularly. Becoming a more effective leader is no different.
Join our community and each week we’ll send you a new lean-in coaching video.
That will be your cue to take time out of your day for personal development.
In just 10-15 minutes you’ll have mastered a new technique or solved a problem with the help of our expert coaches. 

How to use the site

Step 1
Join community
Registration is simple and free. Once registered you’ll start receiving learning prompt emails and can book your first one-to-one or webinar.
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Step 2
Start learning
Now the fun begins! Each week you'll receive an email with a new coaching video. That's your personal development prompt. Want to learn something else? Explore our video library.
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Step 3
Find your coaches
You might find that you like the coaching style of one or more of our coaches. Visit the ‘Our coaches’ area to find out more about them and watch their videos.
Step 3
Step 4
Book a one-to-one
Our coaching videos are a great place to start, but nothing compares to a one-to-one session with an excellent coach. Choose a coach and book your session direct through Lightning Smart.
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Step 5
Keep learning
Watching a video or booking a session won’t make you a better leader overnight. We'll keep bring you webinars, insights and new videos to help you learn consistently.
Step 5

How to use our videos

Each video is a topic specific mini-coaching session.  They get you actively thinking about specific scenarios.

Make sure you have a quiet place to watch and engage,  where your thinking won’t be interrupted.

Have a pen and paper handy to complete exercises the coach will set.

By the end of each video you’ll have neat takeaways to help you going forward.  Repeat visits to practice the activities can embed the learning.  

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